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Post-COVID Trailblazers: The Future of Identification

The pace of innovation has picked up, and the leaders of the ‘new normal’ are emerging. At UNPITCHD, we celebrate the trailblazers of the post-COVID world by shining a light on the most innovative and daring businesses. In focus this month: The Future of Identification. What if one tech innovation could help solve two global … Continued

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Designing truly delightful customer experiences!

Consumer expectations of brands have skyrocketed over the past decade. The digitization of many services from media to payments – to recently healthcare – has heightened the demand for seamless experiences that not only work effortlessly across channels, but also consistently deliver emotive appeal.  The proliferation of low cost – or free – substitutes in … Continued

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Getting Ready for the Great Reset: A strategist’s Guide to Innovation in Uncertain Times

The lessons from 2008 are clear: in a crisis, offence through innovation is the only possible defence. Companies that have invested in R&D during the last downturn have consistently outperformed the S&P500 since. A research by Bain & Co analysing 5,000 companies over 10 years, also shows that the winners of the previous recession invested … Continued

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