Pay for the skills, not the overheads

While large consultancies continue to charge lofty fees for project work, strategic talent has become increasingly independent.
Our model strips out fixed costs to double down on what matters and help you make the most of your hard-earned budget.
We use data to identify the best-in-class deliverables and create tailor-made teams of independents consultants.

Data-led model

At the heart of our model is an extensive mapping of the skills required to deliver a strategy project to the highest standard. We 'hoover up' publicly available data to create industry benchmarks and create tailor-made teams of independents.
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Performance Data & Web Forensics

How does it work?


Our fees & philosophy

Reward the doers

90-80% of a consultant's rate goes directly in their pocket. The remainder is used to design the work, pay for business insurance and manage the network. By comparison: large consultancies only pay their consultants between 10 and 30% of the rate they charge to the clients.

Free, unbiased information

Our shortlists are based on information picked up by our algorithm. We'll send it to you as it is, for free.

Feedback as currency

Our recommendations are free. Your feedback is the currency that helps us continuously improve our services.