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The UK's first venture building platform

We've reinvented the way innovation services are delivered to yield superior results

A unique and flexible approach to venture building that harnesses the power of freelancers

We select the best talent for the best results, it really is that simple

A proven approach, from inception to launch

Bringing together the cream of the world’s independent talent, across the lifecycle of your new venture


We invent and create new businesses and propositions, from the discovery of innovation opportunities to their launch

About Us


Innovation is hard; whether you’re coming up with new ideas, turning ideas into viable business propositions, or launching a successful new venture at speed.

At UNPITCHD, we’ve created an innovative model for venture building that puts the expertise of the best entrepreneurs and freelancers at the service of your business, unleashing their potential to solve your innovation challenges.

Shrugging off the constraints of traditional consulting models, our flexible approach will see our team of experts create and manage the perfect approach for your new venture, with a tailor-made taskforce that won’t fail to create exceptional impact and deliver superior innovation results.

Founded by innovation experts, UNPITCHD has the energy and experience to see strategy through to launch.

Meet our Venture Builders

Sarah Mcdonnell

Design Thinking Expert

Marcus Carter

New Venture Builder

Stephanie Renucci

UNPITCHD Founder & Innovation Strategist

Natan Sklair

Behavioural Scientist

Caitlin Craig

Consumer Insights Specialist

Martin Edwards

Digital Prototype Builder

Who We Work With

Our model

Our offer is 100% flexible, bringing together and managing freelance teams of all sizes, with professionals of all skill levels - the ideal mix to meet your unique needs. No restrictions. No limits. Just the cream of the world’s independent talent, brought together across the lifecycle of your new venture.


We find growth pathways and spark the future potential of your business


We identify real human problems, and how to solve them


We bridge the gap between strategy and delivery and help businesses leap

What they say about us...

  • They’re remote-native so you only pay for the talent , not the traditional consulting overheads

    Sifted, Financial Times

  • The team is incredible. We went from zero to live prototype in 6 months.

    Johan Van Staden, Managing Director, Mymotorhub

  • By far the most impact any external team has had in the Group. They’re true innovation experts and their model is just fantastic.

    Will Price, Chief Commercial Officer, Minster Law

  • They bring amazing people together from all over the world, to create and bring to life new ideas

    Niki Troulinous, Correlation Partners